Article 7, Texas Constitution: . . . it shall be duty of the Legislature of the State to establish and MAKE SUITABLE PROVISION for .. Public Schools.

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GRADUATION RATES UP - This is Why We Can't Give Up!

Click to see video - it takes a few seconds to loadFelicitaciones a los padres de Sunset High School! Go Sunset Bisons!

Watch Jason Whitely's (Channel 8) excellent piece on Sunset and DISD.

This is exactly what we are fighting for! THIS is what is at stake - the success and graduation of our wonderful children!

Dallas kids matter A LOT.  So, rev it back up! Make those phone calls!  Send those emails!  Write those letters!  Save DISD!


Dragons, Pegasus, and a Griffin at DISD Board Meeting

Seagoville Dragon logo for Tennis Team by Dallas graphic artistStudents from all over Dallas spoke in support of NO MORE TEACHER CUTS at the DISD Board of Trustee meeting Thursday, 3/24.  Seagoville Dragons, Booker T. Pegasus, and a TAG Griffin were among the many who gave excellent speeches with passion and clarity.

Students - you can pull the video of your speech from the DISD webcast - get webcast video here. If you upload a copy of your speech to YouTube, send us the link and we will post it!

Also, a teacher who spoke provided a chart showing the retention and graduation rate trends for DISD over the last five years.  See the Trend Chart here. The speaker's message was clear - what the next five years look like will depend on the decisions that will be made by the Board of Trustees in the next three months.


NEW! Stand Up For Dallas Schools

Stand Up For Dallas Schools (SU4DS), a DISD parent organization started by Marsh MS parents, is organizing a number of lobbying events in the North Dallas area.  We have them on our calendar - check out the Tacos for Texas Kids! on 3/27, and the W.T. White Community Fair on 4/2!

To see Stand Up For Dallas School's latest announcement with current "talking points." click here.


Rally outside Gov. Perry's luncheon

Fort Worth Star Telegram article on DISD Parent RallyDISD Parents gathered outside the Hyatt Regency in Richardson where Governor Perry was speaking.  The rally, organized by Booker T. Washington's PTSA, focused around one main message - Fund Texas Education.

WFAA asked Booker T's PTSA president what the group hoped to communicate to the Governor.  She replied, "Texas is not only "open for business," it has to be open for education.  They go hand in hand... He [Perry] needs to think long term, not just his term.  We are at a watershed moment right now for our nation, and Texas can lead the way.  Let's make education first!"

See the full interview here.


Dr. Hinojosa & Dalton Sherman speak at Parent Rally in Austin

The Save Texas Schools Rally in Austin was incredible, and we are glad Dallas got to be a part of it.  Dr. Hinojosa encouraged parents to keep working to make their voices heard.  He also introduced Dalton Sherman, a 7th grader at Dallas Environmental Science Academy magnet middle school who's no stranger to great oration.

Watch Dalton Sherman's speech here.

Did you hear about the Texas Superintendant who wrote an appeal for help based on William B. Travis' final appeal from the Alamo?  Read it here in the Washington Post and hear it here on YouTube.


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Nothing Beats Being There

No current events.

Overview of STAAR Testing

Old DISD Budget in Spreadsheet Form

OLD INFO - DISD Budget from 2009-2010

This tool was first posted in February 2011, before DISD decided how to make the cuts being handed down from the State.  The info is old, but you can play with it.  It's a good tool for learning how the DISD budget is built - General Ledger Budget in Excel 2007 Spreadsheet (as .zip file).
GOES WITH IT, Listing of Function & Object Codes used in the DISD Budget Spreadsheet - see pages 106-120. School campus codes are in the "Org" column, and anything over 699 is non-campus administration.

Go to the DISD's Citizen's Budget Review Committee site for current budget info.

• Budget Priorities Presentation, 3-1-11
• Budget Time-line Presentation, 3-1-11


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How is the $$ Spent?

All that money for public education. Haven't you wondered how it's spent? Here is a great video showing you. Where Does a Dollar Go? from Bill Roberson on Vimeo.