Article 7, Texas Constitution: . . . it shall be duty of the Legislature of the State to establish and MAKE SUITABLE PROVISION for .. Public Schools.

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Two DISD Budgets - 5.1 and 6.0

UPDATE 6/21 - Click here for links to the Dallas Morning News story evaluating DISD's check register over the last few years.  Adult expenditures and adult problems caused by adults - now more than ever we need to ask the Trustees to insist that the cuts come from the adults, not the students. Insist that staffing ratios be kept at Budget 6.0 levels or better!  Also, check out Trustee Ranger's blog on the importance of librarians to the classroom. Giving some schools half a librarian is a budget cut the students pay for.

For a summary comparison between the two budgets, click here for Video of Presentation to the DISD Board. The DISD Board videos might not play in Firefox browsers, so an alternate location of the video is here.


Senate DROPS Rainy Day fund use, passes budget. from their Budget

UPDATE 6/10/11:  House Passes SB1, the Senate's Budget Bill - read more here

UPDATE 5/4/11: Senate drops Rainy Day funding, bypasses two-thirds vote to bring to floor for debate, and passed a budget that cuts public education by $5B.  Read more here.

The Statesman has a report on the status of the Senate Budget here. One very interesting note on the Rainy Day fund mentioned in the Statesman article:

"Perhaps the most revealing moment on the Senate floor came Tuesday when Ogden, under questioning, noted that the rainy day fund was once used to create Gov. Rick Perry’s Enterprise Fund. 'That was before it was controversial,' Ogden said... The rainy day fund used to be something that Perry and other Republicans supported tapping for rather routine expenses... that’s all changed, as it is now the measuring stick to tell who is and is not a real conservative."

College-bound Students Follow the Funding Out of State

Another note on how the State budget woes affect students:  Per school officials at TAG High School in Dallas, Texas Public Universities cannot tell incoming students yet what kind of financial aid they can get. As a result, more and more college-bound students are opting to go out of state as the decision deadlines loom for committing to a college.  We are losing our students to other states.

Does this bother you?  Does the loss of Rainy Day funding for public education concern you?  TELL THE TEXAS SENATE and HOUSE!



Texas PTA Alert plus The Soda Tax

Texas PTATexas PTA is asking all members and parents to call your Senator about the Senate Budget Bill.

Click here to see the Texas PTA email alert online.

The Texas PTA did a survey on state revenue sources, and included the results in their email alert.  One of the interesting items mentioned for a new funding sources is a soda tax of one-cent-per-ounce.  This is, in part, a response to the Texas Comptroller's report about the projected costs of obesity-related illnesses - see that report here.

The bill is SB 1004, and was introduced by Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.  It's very simple to the point - read the bill here. The Texas Tribune reports the tax could raise about $1 Billion dollars per budget cycle.  It's a controversial bill (no surprises there) and as the Senator says, “I’m having trouble getting support from my grandchildren. But I think in the long run, they’d rather have the money to keep paying teachers.”  Read the Texas Tribune report here.


UPDATE: State Budget - What's happening now?

Stand Up for Dallas SchoolsWED - Senate Finance Committee approves $4B cut to Public School Funding.  Read about it here.

Stand Up for Dallas Schools sent out an update on the status of the Texas State Budget and educations funding.  To see SU4DS's update, click here. (For a link that will show you how your Rep is voting, go to Save Dallas Schools and look at the April 1 post.)

CALL THESE PEOPLE!  Email and fax all week! (contact info below)

The Senate Finance Committee has the draft of the Senate Budget right now.  They are discussing budget and how to generate more revenue.  See Statesman article about this. The Budget will be scheduled for debate SOON. We must contact every one of these folks multiple times!


Join the Rally Outside Gov. Perry's Book Promotion

Rally sign at Save Texas Schools rallyAttention all DISD Parents & Friends - Let's do lunch together at the Westin on Tuesday!

The Booker T. Washington PTSA is organizing a rally on Tuesday (4/12) from 11:00AM to 1:00PM at the Westin Galleria Hotel.  Governor Perry will be at the Westin promoting his book.  THIS EVENT IS FOR ALL DISD PARENTS AND SUPPORTERS - meet on the top level of the BLUE Parking Garage next to the GAP at 11:00.  For MAPS & SIGN SUGGESTIONS, click here.

NEW WEBSITE RESOURCE - The Unofficial Citizen Budget Review site


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Nothing Beats Being There

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Overview of STAAR Testing

Old DISD Budget in Spreadsheet Form

OLD INFO - DISD Budget from 2009-2010

This tool was first posted in February 2011, before DISD decided how to make the cuts being handed down from the State.  The info is old, but you can play with it.  It's a good tool for learning how the DISD budget is built - General Ledger Budget in Excel 2007 Spreadsheet (as .zip file).
GOES WITH IT, Listing of Function & Object Codes used in the DISD Budget Spreadsheet - see pages 106-120. School campus codes are in the "Org" column, and anything over 699 is non-campus administration.

Go to the DISD's Citizen's Budget Review Committee site for current budget info.

• Budget Priorities Presentation, 3-1-11
• Budget Time-line Presentation, 3-1-11


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How is the $$ Spent?

All that money for public education. Haven't you wondered how it's spent? Here is a great video showing you. Where Does a Dollar Go? from Bill Roberson on Vimeo.