Article 7, Texas Constitution: . . . it shall be duty of the Legislature of the State to establish and MAKE SUITABLE PROVISION for .. Public Schools.

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What does the new Texas State budget mean for education?

Quick answer:  Some of the funding lost in the 2011 Legislative session was restored in the 2013 session.  Plus, the Legislature addressed the issue of projected student enrollment in their funding for next two school years (something not done in 2011).  However, until the lawsuit brought by the ISD's against the State winds its way to the Texas Supreme Court, no real reform in the way Texas funds education will happen.

Texas Insider has a very informative overview of the budget in an interview with Senator Tommy Williams (R - The Woodlands). 

To read budget statistics from the overview, and to hear the interview, see this link:



Senate unaniously votes to reverse late payment provision

The Texas Senate unanimously approved a bill restoring $1.7 billion of the education cuts levied last session.  The move essentially takes the planned late payments to ISD's for 2013 (which would have moved that cost into the next fiscal year), and pays the ISD's on time. 

It is not a restoration of funding, although it will save some ISD's from having to borrow money to cover expenses for the months that were going to be paid late.

The House has not voted on the Senate version of this bill yet.

For more information on discussion of the bill, see this Austin Statesman news article.

To see the bill's history and read the full text of the Senate and House versions, visit the HB 10 info page.


Report about the 2013 Texas Legislatve Session

Mr. Lynn Moak of Moak. Casey & Associates gave a detailed report to the DISD Board of Trustess at their January Board Briefing.  Moak Casey is the lobbying firm that DISD (and several other ISD's) hire to lobby for them in Austin.

To see the video record of the report:

To see the powerpoint that goes with the introductory presentation:


NY Times report claims Texas prioritizes corporate interests over education

The NY times did what could be considered an exposé article about Texas corporate tax abatements and who profits most by them.  Tax abatements are temporary or permanent tax reductions or eliminations for corporations that cities and states use to lure companies to relocate to their areas.  The system is designed to be a net gain for the cities and state because of the extra jobs and outside capital the company will bring to the area.

For a local opinion of the article, see Jim Schutze's response in the Dallas Observer.  Mr. Schutze claims that there is no tracking being done by the state to measure the net cost/profit of the abatements it gives out.  If that is the case, how are Texas taxpayers suppose to know if we are getting a deal or getting taken?  Being able to quantify investments is a basic financial necessity. 


Education Secretary Arnie Duncan visits Pinkston HS and DISD

Dallas ISD is a finalist for the Race to Top Contest.  At stake is $40M in grants.  After $80M in lost funding for 2011-2012, and another $30M for 2012-2013, winning the "Race" would be a welcome change of fortune.

To see photos from the visit, click here.  To read the Dallas ISD press release about the visit, click here.

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Nothing Beats Being There

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Overview of STAAR Testing

Old DISD Budget in Spreadsheet Form

OLD INFO - DISD Budget from 2009-2010

This tool was first posted in February 2011, before DISD decided how to make the cuts being handed down from the State.  The info is old, but you can play with it.  It's a good tool for learning how the DISD budget is built - General Ledger Budget in Excel 2007 Spreadsheet (as .zip file).
GOES WITH IT, Listing of Function & Object Codes used in the DISD Budget Spreadsheet - see pages 106-120. School campus codes are in the "Org" column, and anything over 699 is non-campus administration.

Go to the DISD's Citizen's Budget Review Committee site for current budget info.

• Budget Priorities Presentation, 3-1-11
• Budget Time-line Presentation, 3-1-11


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How is the $$ Spent?

All that money for public education. Haven't you wondered how it's spent? Here is a great video showing you. Where Does a Dollar Go? from Bill Roberson on Vimeo.